best game everWhat Can You Do To Support This League?

All of the programs under the Miracle League of North Alabama are run at “no cost” to our participants. We provide all the equipment and complete uniforms, as well as the awards presented to participants at an awards banquet for each sport. We do receive some assistance from local city governments. However, as a non-profit organization, we are largely funded by the donations we receive from local companies and individuals. We have been blessed with the generosity of companies and individuals in our area who graciously volunteer their time and money to help with each of our programs. What their efforts and funding enable us to provide to the children of our area is priceless. Their efforts have allowed us to provide a larger number of organized sporting events to a larger number of participants. However, as the number of participants grows, we are finding that we are in need of more donators with giving hearts. We are extending to you an invitation to give of yourself and help us in our efforts to give ability a chance. You can make a donation using our ‘Donation Form’ or by clicking the Donate Button below to donate online.

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